January 10, 2022
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Archipelago forever

New healthy food cafe in prime location in Stone Town.

If you like good food and good company, a place where locals and visitors really mingle, the new Archipelago Waterfront could become your favourite.-

Same name, different story. Massoudi Salim and his wife Judy Palmer,  long time owner of the iconic Stone Town Cafe, on Kenyatta Road, has opened another Archipelago, already his third restaurant under the same name at Stone Town’s seafront. The two predecessors have closed down. 

This time around the location is especially sensational, tugged in between Hyatt’s Beach House and Travellers Café  – and as such a typical Zanzibar surprise. When almost nobody expected a non-corporate, local business to win the hunt for the attractive beach spot, Massoudi scored. He is known as a strong supporter of culture in Zanzibar, engaging himself in the restoration of the Majestic cinema, Zanzibar’s last film house.

His popular food & drink formula has remained: healthy fresh kitchen with 100% reliable quality standard, fresh juices and spice coffee instead of alcoholic beverages. Besides classics like chicken mango salad, the waterfront serves yummy lentil and beef burgers, grilled chicken and beef, seafood and Swahili dishes. “We will experiment a bit more”, promises Massoudi, who runs the restaurant supported by his Australian-born wife Judy, daughter Asia helps out too. On the first floor, a handful of holiday rooms also come with fantastic views and a tasteful mix of modern and traditional furniture. If you want to catch breakfast, come before 11am, for magnificent sunsets no later than 6.30pm.

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