BBC World Service Visits Fumba Town

It was a great opportunity to end off our week with an interview with the BBC World Service Radio, who came to visit Fumba Town. They interviewed the Head of Landscaping (Bernadette Kirsch), Head of Fumba Town Service Center (Franko Gohse) and our Managing Director (Sebastian Dietzold) about urbanization and sustainable development.

Urbanisation is inevitable and irreversible. According to the United Nations, currently, more than one half of the world population lives in urban areas, and virtually all countries of the world are becoming increasingly urbanised. Africa and Asia, still mostly rural, will urbanise faster than other regions over the coming decades.

Sustainability is the key word when considering addressing challenges that come with urbanisation. Also, creating sustainable and more inclusive cities is a start to sustainable urbanisation.

To address urbanisation challenges in Tanzania, CPS Live Ltd. developed a sustainable and affordable urban development project, Fumba Town Development (FTD). FTD is a comprehensive environment-friendly housing project for all, in Fumba Town, Zanzibar.

According to Sebastian Dietzold, Managing Director of the FTD, the houses are built with long-lasting, innovative and renewable materials that are completely adapted to Zanzibar’s climate and environmental conditions.

“Our target is to empower the community, and we are working to ensure that is realised,” he stated.
He added, “However, we recognise that there is a need to motivate a lot of developers, we need to motivate and support the government, which is supporting us heavily to market this project around the world.”

BBC World Service was heavily impressed by the solutions Fumba Town is offering for the problem of sustainable development in Africa and beyond. Their interview will be aired early Dezember, additionally an article will be published on their website.

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