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Aisha wakes up with a smile on her face, the birds outside her window are already singing. She is still excited about their new home and can’t wait for the day to start. Her kids are already outside, she can hear them laughing at the playground in the courtyard, playing with their friends.

Aisha knows they are safe, her neighbours from downstairs always have an eye on them and Ali, the Askari at the gate won’t let them on the street by themselves. Soon Khadija will bring them to their new school down the road anyway.

Today she decided not to have breakfast at home. Downstairs Mama Fatma has just opened this delicious new bakery, the mandazi are the best she ever had. Her husband rented the shop right next to her; he is an expert in repairing any kind of smartphone. Probably he is already busy or maybe he is still at the health facility where he had gone for a quick check up.

As Aisha walks through the lush garden towards the bazaar, she is wondering how life was before she moved here, it seems so long ago and she doesn’t want to go back. Here everything is so clean and tidy, but yet busy, as she likes it. She always wanted to live in a modern environment like this, but her traditions are important to her. Yes, she is happy, she thinks. Finally, her husband has taken her to a place where she wants to grow old.

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