Safe & Green. Open & Free.


Fumba Town is an oasis, where quality of life is a lifestyle.
Experience a sense of security and content at a whole new level. Safety and sustainability have been the guiding principles ever since the first sketch of Fumba Town was drawn and have brought us to where we are today: A sustainable, self-sufficient and safe environment second to none.
Town & Property Management

At home or away. 
Your property is taken care of.

Investing in Fumba Town unlocks access to a portfolio of services that help you make the most of your asset, a dedicated team working 24/7 to support you, your family, your tenants and your property.

The Fumba Town- & Property Management service is a full, turnkey, care-free package that covers all aspects of professional support, from finding the right tenant at the best rates, to collecting rent, safeguarding the standard of your property and undertaking regular maintenance with our team of trained, reputable and efficient tradespeople.
Sustainable & holistic approach

Earth Care. People Care. Fair Share.

A green infrastructure has been carefully woven throughout the residential neighbourhoods of Fumba Town, eco-friendly green corridors, tree-lined avenues, tropical gardens and lush, verdant parks for the pleasure, and leisure, of our residents. 

Fumba’s commitment to showcasing sustainable, permaculture principals in residential environments creates a healthier lifestyle for our communities, respecting and improving the biodiversity of our is- lands and creating a place of natural beauty and wellness in which to live.
Social & Commercial Amenities

Everything you need. At your doorstep.

Strategically-integrated within the Fumba Town residential communities are commercial spaces and social amenities, essential services that foster economic growth, social inclusion and sustainable community living.

Retail or restaurants, healthcare or childcare, education or entertainment, all on your doorstep, all for you, whenever you want it. Fumba Town grows and thrives with our residents, community welfare, the glue that brings us together, a place for work and relaxation, a place for friends and family. All yours, always.
Municipal Infrastructure

Clean. Stable. Efficient.

Fumba Town’s modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art municipal services guarantee constant clean water, stable power, fast data, efficient waste management and responsive security services to your home, whenever you need them.

Meticulously-planned for the comfort, wellbeing and health of our residents, these essential utility resources are regularly serviced to international standards by our professional maintenance team, keeping your environment safe and clean, leaving your life free for the enjoyment of Fumba living.
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