October 13, 2021
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Inside Fumba Town

True stories of new residents

“Zanzibaris care for each other”

Single and a Swahili student, Sarah Bennet, 27, from Pennsylvania moved to Fuma Town because it’s affordable and safe.

You seem to have one of the best views in town…

Yes, from my little apartment on the second floor I can see right over the town property up to the ocean. I enjoy that view every day!

5-star-view, 5-star price?

Not, not at all and that was one of the reasons I chose Fumba. Friends who are working in Zambia brought me here and I liked the place straight away. They said: ”It’s a nice community for a single person.” I pay 400 US dollars for my furnished 2-bedroom. For me that’s a fair price.

And the community?

With the opening of more flats, there are more and more younger people moving here which is nice. Once a stranger in the neighbourhood, also a single lady, invited me home for dinner, we have meanwhile become friends. In America you would not follow a stranger to her home!

What is Zanzibar for you?

A very community-minded society. People really do take care of each other; in the US we are more individualistic. 

You study and work here?

I do some volunteer work for a Christian NGO called “Overland”, we work with churches of different denominations. I am also very interested in Muslim faith and traditions; during Ramadan I attended some iftars. I do not like divisions because of faith!

What do you do in your spare time?

After two months I bought a small Toyota Rave, so I drive to the beach in Paje. Or I cook Shepherd’s pie for friends; my kitchen is just big enough to do that. I buy fresh stuff at the lovely Farmer’s Market in Fumba.

Do you sometimes feel lonely?Sure I miss my two brothers and 3 sisters from home. Because of Covid, my family could not visit me yet, but they are planning to. Generally I have no problems being on my own, in fact after university and my Swahili classes I enjoy my quiet time at home – and the view! (AT)

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