September 24, 2021
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Mashariki: All that jazz!

Fumba coming to town with festival and market

Eight bands, one day - and the Kwetu Kwenu market for the first time in town. That’s the idea of the Mashariki festival on October 8, 2021 at the Old Fort.

The newcomer festival – a prime East African cultural event for Zanzibar – will bring a full day & night of entertainment to town, lasting from 10 am to midnight.  It will be a combination of the meanwhile well-established colourful Kwetu Kwenu open-air market und a night of notable East African jazz-fusion performances, staged with the support of Fumba Town.

Does Zanzibar have space for another festival - besides Busara, the Reggae festival and ZIFF?  “We will be different”, promises well-known music entrepreneur John Kagaruki who has brought the late South African jazz trumpeter Hugh Masekela to Dar es Salaam twice. He also organises the Tanzanian Music Awards. “Mashariki will be an artist-centred jazz and folk music event”, he said. “If you are not Bongo Flavour or Diamond, it’s sometimes hard to get into mainstream festivals.” Some proceedings will go to the Dhow Countries Music Academy. All eight acts – among them Lily Kadima with Afro Fusion from Uganda, Fadhilee Itulya from Nairoibi and Zanzibar’s own Siti &The Band - are well known East African performers who “immediately loved the idea of a casual, self-organised, but professional home-grown festival”, he said.

The Kwetu Kwenu market, featuring more than 50 vendors from organic food stalls to clothes, cosmetics and eco-accessories, will last from morning to about 4pm, afterwards the music is set to start. Mashariki aims at becoming a platform for East African artists and an annual event.

Infos and tickets:

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