President to Officially Hand Over Houses in Fumba Town

On the 18th August 2018 the Fumba Family was honoured by the presence of Hon President Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein. Dr. Shein who was accompanied by high ranking officials and investment authority visited the Fumba Development Project for a historical handover ceremony when he presented house owners with keys to their newly purchased Fumba houses.

What had started as a gloomy rainy day become sunny for one couple when they were presented with a 99 years title deed from Dr. Shein. It was indeed a perfect day for the UK couple with Zanzibarian roots.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Shein was impressed with the progress of the project. He praised the speed at which the project is taking shape. “With no doubts this project is moving at a fast speed, and the stage they have reached is not a minor one, it is a huge step they have made. Especially when comparing it to how it looked like seven month ago when we came here for the cornerstone ceremony’, he said

Addressing the invited visitors, Dr. Shein emphasised on the importance of foreign investment with a sustainable impact on the country. He further extended his gratitude to CPC Live for providing employment to over 400 locals.

Taking pride in the project, Dr. Shein invited both citizens and non- citizen to buy a house in Fumba Town. He noted that houses in Fumba Town are well equipped with great amenities and infrastructure. He praised the security and waste management system already at Fumba Town extending an invitation to everyone to pay a visit to Fumba Town, where homes are more than just homes.

We at CPS Live feel deeply honoured by his kind gesture in visiting Fumba Town and greatful for his kind words. We are thankful for his support throughout the project. For CPS Live, it is another major milestone on our way to establishing the new satellite city of Zanzibar Town.

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