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OCEAN VIEW | The urban planning of Fumba Town is characterized by a gradual increase of building height and density once moving away from the ocean front. The Mwangani apartment buildings are part of this area a bit more distanced from the water line. With four to six stories the Mwangani buildings contribute to an increased urban density while providing for ample green and parking space on ground floor. The increased building height allows for magnificent views over Fumba Town towards the ocean, especially for the apartments on the higher levels. On the front portion of the currently over-sized common roof terraces the integration of sustainable SkyLofts, constructed in a light-weight timber structure, is projected.
SUSTAINABLE PRIVACY | The Mwangani SkyLofts are designed as luxurious 1-bedroom apartments. The integration of the lofts on top of the existing buildings allows for panoramic ocean views from both the living room and the bedroom. The vast terraces and green planters in front of the living spaces create a very private character for the SkyLofts and the balconies of the apartments below. Wooden facade features provide permanent sun shading and elevate the luxurious look and feel of the lofts. Most kitchens are designed with a small yard and roof lights over the kitchen and bathroom not only allow for cross ventilation but also create unique interior atmospheres. The construction in modern engineered timber further enhances the interior climate of these extraordinary SkyLofts.
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For the Mwangani VI building an additional pergola has been added to the penthouse apartments. This pergola enhances the privacy on the terrac and allows for plant to grow up to create a green and shad- ed roof garden as an additional amenity for the penthouse apartments.
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