September 26, 2023
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Art, jazz & wine

A new monthly show unites art and music at Stone Town’s historic city beach restaurant Livingstone’s. Wondering where the action is in Stone Town? Head to the Livingstone’s 

Beach Restaurant every last Friday of the month. Long-time Zanzibar residents Leslie Gueno and Sara Hemed are bringing new spark to the former British consulate with their expertly curated blend of art, music and top wines. “With the upscale monthly events we want to celebrate the island’s rich artistic tapestry and network with the creative community”, interior designer and photographer Hemed said. Livingstone, with its puristic bar and beautiful beach garden, has been a long-time supporter of the local cultural scene. Proprietor Abeid Karume staged the well-known and VIP-attended Jahazi Literary and Jazz Festival from 2011 to 2019. 

The new monthly art soirees, reviving the Jahazi spirit, kicked off with Wakorofi Jazz Trio and Stone Town RockerZ. A mini Jahazi literary and jazz weekend was set for 1 and 2 September. “As artists ourselves, we realised the island needs a platform to showcase talents” explains Leslie Gueno, a poet and visual artist. For the coming months, the dynamic duo intends to stage a photography exhibition and a fashion pop-up alongside the music and art events, definitely a new cultural highlight. 

Livingston‘s Beach Restaurant

every last Friday of the month

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