March 21, 2019
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20 Female Students to Graduate from the Fursa Kijani Program

We are pleased to share further news of our ongoing support of educational programs linked to the development of Fumba Town. The out of school youth program Fursa Kijani (Green Opportunity) has been running for the second year now, evolving into a flagship program acknowledged by the government and private institutions alike. It has seen more than 60 graduates of whom 30 got into permanent employment with the Fumba Town Service Centre, others with hotels and private employers. The rest of the graduates opted to have their own small start-up businesses or to improve their already existing farming businesses.

We are proud to be the main facilitator of the practical training of the program through a 3 month apprenticeship program, which takes place in our premises at the Fumba Town Service Centre. Please see the most recent official report from the Practical Permaculture Institute attached:

Fursa Kijani: 20 female youths graduating from the Empowerment program.

The youth empowerment program Fursa Kijani is a program managed by Practical Permaculture Institute Zanzibar (PPIZ) in partnership with Fumba Town Service Center (FTSC) and funded by Milele Zanzibar Foundation (MZF). The program trains out of school youths from Unguja and Pemba in soft skills for employability, life skills, and Permaculture skills. The first year of the program saw 60 graduates directly trained through a 3,5 months apprenticeship program located at PPIZ and FTSC. The participants experience the daily running businesses of an institution that designs and implements the regenerative landscaping and sustainable waste management services for Fumba Town. They rotated through the different departments of landscaping, composting, waste separation and recycling, nursery, chicken and bees, and acquired various skills through lectures in the departments as well as through guest teachers and field trips.

For the second year uptake of youths , the program included the training for social-ecological entrepreneurship (Ecopreneurship) and teaching skills to transfer their knowledge to others (multipliers). The 20 young girls who graduated today and their developments were honored by the presence of the honorable Minister Balozi Ali Abeid Karume of Youth, Culture, Arts & Sports. The honorable Minister congratulated the graduates and the program for its excellent work in empowering youths through sustainable livelihoods and pushing the movement for an organic, green Zanzibar.

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