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Football builds up team spirit even at the workplace, says communication manager Baraka S. Mosha and invites you to Fumba matches every Wednesday

As evening slowly settled over another sun-drenched Wednesday, a giant orange orbit cast a shimmering glaze over the aquamarine waters of our tropical island. With football fever fluttering in the breeze and running through my veins, I decided to join Fumba Town residents, our staff of CPS and tech company Wasoko at the Legend Sports Center for their weekly football tournament.

Legend is one of best private football pitches on the island, made of FIFA-standard-approved turf. How to get there? Just take the road to Fuoni from Kombeni, after a few kilometres you’ll see the pitch on the left in Kisakasaka.

In recent weeks the eyes and ears of the entire world turned to the action of the World Cup 2022. With 64 competing teams in Doha, it was expected to become the most watched happening in the history of sports - despite all controversies. Because there is still that one uniting sentiment: Nations and soccer fans unite, rise and cheer for their favourite football teams and players.

Meanwhile a similar scene is replayed every week in Fumba. With night-time now slowly creeping over the horizon, our two teams line up on the great football pitch not yet known to many. The Legend soccer centre was planned and created by a local entrepreneur, the CEO of F. L. A Company Limited, Abdulaziz Mohamed Abdi .

For two hours, staff and residents living in Zanzibar’s vibrant seaside community role, tussle and scrap playfully in a game that has evolved to be more than just another midweek soccer kick-about.  “To win a game requires combined effort on a pitch. This facilitates team building translating even to the workplace”, believes Mohammed Mwangela, an accountant with CPS. Psychologists agree: engagement and emotional bonding creates long-lasting fun and hospitable work culture.

That’s why I truly can’t afford to miss the camaraderie, exercise, and bonding of Fumba’s football Wednesdays. “It’s a great way to meet and socialise with many different people living and working in Fumba Town”, agrees Fumba team captain Milan Heilmann. 

The game is open to everyone, men and women. After the match, we all sat down to watch the global football action from Qatar on the fabulous big screen of the Chill restaurant in Fumba Town. And as the live match on television wore on, I quickly realised that football Wednesdays were also a fantastic way to build up an appetite for dinner.

Everybody is welcome to join at the Legend Sports Center for football every Wednesday at 7pm. Contact: +255 788 10 60 50. All World Cup matches continue to be shown at The Chill, Fumba Town, up to the final on 18 December. 

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