October 23, 2023
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The unknown side of Zanzibar

Location Most secluded in Zanzibar, The Bottom Line Feel like a VIP by the ocean

The road maybe rocky, but the destination rewards us for travelling it. Like a Fata Morgana, white modern villas suddenly become visible high above the sea, a wooden deck with neatly arranged cabana-like double sun beds leads to an endless three tier pool. And ahhhh, the ocean in turquoise perfection is nibbling at a white virgin beach. Safira Blu is probably the most secluded resort property in Zanzibar. 

From Kendwa Rocks we drove on a dust road 3.8 kilometres straight across the island to the north east coast. And here, between Nungwi and Mnemba island, at one of Zanzibar’s most undiscovered coastal stretches, you’ll find the new Safira Blu resort & villas. Tender beef and meeze It’s a private paradise with 12 modern villas, an amazing pool, Baobab trees on the beach and 1.5 kilometres of unspoiled beach front. 

Outside guests are welcome for lunch and dinner at the Drunken Monkey bar and the BluFire restaurant. There used to be day passes with access to the main pool and beach but this has been discontinued. On Sundays, however, the resort stages a brunch and treats visitors with a free round of bubbles. 

We indulged in the most delicious cuisine with bites of tender beef and octopus, roasted beetroot and grapefruit salad, sushi and mezee platters, sipping exotic drinks like Island Manhattans with Cinzano Rosso or non-alcoholic mocktails such as pineapple hibiscus. 

Service is great and the chef even came out to let us taste different menu items. Visiting here, one obviously is tempted to book the real package - a night or two, or longer - in the villas. With a private pool, butler service, a sea-view bathroom and even a powder room, the double-storey units are extremely tempting. 

Father-daughter team How did it all start? Explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton called the African shore “the sea of purest sapphire” in 1876; Safira Blu is a Swahili variation of his words and the brainchild of an extraordinary Zanzibar family. Alnoor Jinah immigrated to Canada in the 1970s where, together with his wife Shahida, he began opening hotels in quaint small towns. 

Inspired by her parents, daughter Ayesha became an interior architect and, upon their recent return to Zanzibar, the father-daughter team designed and build the unique property together.

Safira Blu Resort & Villas Villas start at $953 per night per couple. Outside guests are welcome in the restaurants. Drunken Monkey 10.30am to 10.30pm. Dinner at BluFire 6.30pm to 10.00pm. Sunday Brunch with bubbles 11:30am to 3.00pm. Ph +255 623 788 650 safirablu.com

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